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We have a large selection of quality Celtic Jewelry Available. Our modern Celtic jewelry designs are based on ancient and contemporary depictions of Celtic Gods, Goddesses, Heroes and knot work motifs. We offer celtic jewelry in sterling silver, gold, copper and pewter. Please take some time to browse our catalog. If you're looking for traditional Celtic Jewelry designs, Celtic Earrings, Celtic Bracelets, Celtic Rings, Celtic crosses, Jewelry featuring figures from Celtic Mythology, Celtic Knotwork Jewelry or even modern Celtic Pentacles, we've got it all!

Celtic Pins & Brooches Designs featuring a Tara Brooch style, Epona (triple horse), wheel of the year, celtic knotwork, and modern moon pentacle. These Celtic Jewelry pieces can be used as brooches or cloak pins. Sterling Silver and pewter available.

Celtic Mythology Jewelry Designs featuring Celtic Gods, Goddesses, Heroes and Animals from Celtic Mythology. Three Hounds of Arawan, Epona, Cernunnos, Cerridwen, the Greenman, Herne, Mannanan, Rhiannon, Taliesin, and Sheela Na Gig are all depicted in fine Celtic Jewelry designs.

Celtic Pentacle Jewelry Gold, Sterling Silver and pewter pentacle pendants featuring Celtic designs with oak leaves, celtic knotwork, stones, crescent moons and dragons.

Celtic Jewelry Designs Various Celtic Jewelry pieces including bookmarks, oil bottles, pendants, torcs, crown headpieces, lockets, necklaces, ogham, wheel of the year, triskeles, knotwork, crescent moons, triple moons, clovers, boar heads and more. Earrings Celtic Bracelets Sterling Silver, Silver Plated and pewter bracelets featuring a variety of celtic knot work in many contemporary styles of jewelry.

Celtic Cross pendants Sterling Silver, copper and pewter Celtic Crosses. Several different Celtic Cross jewelry designs available.

Celtic Rings Sterling Silver jewelry, copper jewelry and pewterjewelry rings featuring celtic knot work, pentacles, crescent moons and trees available in a wide variety of sizes based on finger size in mm's.

Celtic Earrings Sterling Silver and pewter earings are available in Claddagh, Celtic knot work, Cerridwen, pentacle and crescent moon jewelry designs.